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Diamond Mountain is a master planned community in the North Glenmore area of Kelowna BC. The objective of the Diamond Mountain Area Structure Plan (ASP) has been founded on achieving smart and sustainable development practices while balancing the need for a variety and diverse range of housing options, public open spaces, amenity opportunities environmental stewardship, and source land development economics. Elements of the Diamond Mountain ASP include a village center with child daycare, aging in place housing (seniors housing) affordable housing options, condo and townhome housing for UBCO faculty and staff, and small lot single family residential homes.

In 2006-07 Troika engaged in a cooperative consultation process with the City of Kelowna as a preliminary step in undertaking the development of the Diamond Mountain ASP. The purpose of this was to achieve a mutually agreed vision for the proposed ASP lands. In an effort to achieve such a goal, an extensive preliminary analysis was undertaken to effectively demonstrate to the City of Kelowna that the proposed ASP lands held suitable land development potential.

Over the course of the following year, Troika conducted topographic, environmental, and urban design studies. An ‘Urban Design Brief’ was prepared for the City of Kelowna which included the results and findings of the preliminary studies. In addition to providing the results and findings of preliminary studies, the Urban Design Brief presented beneficial information of the proposed ASP site, the natural environment, community planning context, proposed community planning and development principles. Proposed land uses housing types and styles, proposed transportation networks, and infrastructure servicing strategies.

While the Urban Design Brief was well received by the City of Kelowna Planning and Development Staff, the City of Kelowna initiated their Official Community Plan (OCP) update. Recognizing that future land use and community opinions could be expressed during the process, preparation of the Diamond Mountain ASP was reconsidered by City Staff. Subsequent to further review, City Staff decided that the Diamond Mountain ASP would be postponed until the OCP update was completed

In spring 2011, the City of Kelowna adopted the OCP 2030. The plan identifies the ‘North Glenmore’ node as an approved growth area. Accordingly, Troika initiated the ASP process.


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(Diamond Mountain, Facing North East)



The purpose of this website is to create transparency between Troika and the public during the ASP process of Diamond Mountain. We want to ensure public accessibility to information on status of the ASP process, as well as provide a channel for contacting Troika with any questions, concerns, or comments. Information will be posted online as well as mailed to individuals who register for newsletter updates. Public open house dates and times will also be posted here.

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Troika Developments is a progressive, future-focused land and real estate development company based in Kelowna, BC. We are involved from start to finish in the creation of living spaces and communities, from the acquisition of underutilized land, construction, sales and marketing right through to property management. We are dedicated to quality and integrity and enjoy giving back to the communities that have contributed to our success. To learn more about Troika, visit

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